Robert Stewart Photography

Photo of Robert Stewart

Robert has been a successful commercial/advertising photographer for over thirty years. His company, Robert Stewart Photography, Ltd., specializes in shooting people, food, annual reports, architecture, and brochures for some of the largest corporations in the country.

The route to this profession has been indirect at best. Prior to his career in photography, he was a Detroit Police officer, a tool & die apprentice, a taxi driver in Chicago, a graphic artist, a textile loom operator and a farm worker, to name a few.

He studied fine art for two years at Wayne State University, and then moved to Chicago where he studied sculpture. Predominately self-taught in photography, he gained valuable technical experience, shooting fingerprints and evidence while assigned to the Detroit Police Photo lab. Eventually the police work was eclipsed by his growing photo business. He left the police department in 1980 to pursue photography full time.

In 2004, Stewart embarked on a path to explore more personal avenues of photographic expression by launching The Robert Stewart Collection. This is a collection of his personal images from the past, mixed with new images and photographic experiments.

His latest explorations have taken a surrealistic turn. Photography for the last 150 years has been the best way to record and document what people see. Stewart’s work challenges this perception. Taking photo-graphic reality and altering it in ways that defy logic asks the viewer to re-think what is real.